MiraDry Stops the Sweat for Good

Let’s face it; everyone sweats – some more than others. Women and men who suffer from excessive sweating have had to toss out clothes, buy prescription antiperspirants, and keep their arms down to avoid embarrassment. While oral medications and invasive Botox injections have been available, they’ve only provided temporary relief. But thanks to miraDry, no one will have to suffer in silence any longer. Using non-invasive electromagnetic energy, the FDA approved miraDry System precisely eliminates underarm sweat glands that result in a long-lasting reduction of sweat. Though the sweat glands can’t grow back, enough sweat glands are left behind to help regulate body temperature.
To receive the full benefits of the system, two procedures are recommended three months apart with each sessions lasting about an hour. The area may be a little tender for a few days, but patients can expect little to no downtime after the procedure. So toss out the antiperspirant and raise your arms in celebration — eliminating the sweat is now no sweat at all.
For more information or to find a miraDry practioner near you, please visit MiraDry.com.