Miss Universe Wishes She Could Have Walked the Angel Sanchez Show


Gabriela Isler, the Venezuelan beauty who won the title of Miss Universe 2013 last November, wouldn't have rather been anywhere else the morning of February 10th than sitting front row at the NYFW show of her fellow countryman, Angel Sanchez. Wearing a dress by the designer himself, Isler shared her feelings about Sanchez's success. “I feel very proud,” she beamed. “But I feel jealous too because I want to be on the runway for him! I was with him at his 25th anniversary show in Venezuela. I was part of the modeling group and I felt so proud.”

We'd love to see the two Venezuelans unite next season. As for now, though, Isler's focusing on enjoying the shows in the audience and finding inspiration from the collections she's observing.

“I'm trying to change my look because here in New York is very different from Venezuela. It's totally different. It's different weather, and it's more fashionable here. So I'm trying to be updated with my options.”

So far, textures and furs are tickling her fancy, especially the clothes she deemed “beautiful” at the Custo Barcelona show. We can't wait to see her rocking the line in the near future.