Missing Dress Alert! Donna Karan Designs are MIA!


A curious thing happened: Donna Karan chose a select few dresses from her Fall 2014 collection and sent them—along with her @DKNYPRGIRL, Aliza Licht—on a plane to Hollywood. Except, when Licht landed the dresses were nowhere to be found.

“I am trying to remain calm, but the plane just landed in LA and our #Oscars gowns are NOT on it,” the senior vice president of global communications Tweeted. “We have confirmation that the dresses did go on the plane, ‘Ok great, so WHERE ARE THEY?”

…They were in the cargo area, which Licht again, confirmed on Twitter. “Breaking News! #DonnaKaranAtelier #Oscar dresses found cargo area. My mistake, I should have shipped the person in them.”

Happy days are here again! Now, the bigger question is who exactly is wearing these gowns to the #Oscars? Naomie Harris, Camilla Alves, Penelope Cruz and Katie Holmes are fans of the brand and expected to attend the awards show on Sunday. We’ll be sure to keep you updated with our latest edition of Glam’s Red Carpet Report!