Missoni Fall 2014


DESIGNER: Angela Missoni

INSPIRATION: Strategic naturalness

TRENDS: The collection featured free flowing, feminine aesthetic mixed with a masculine sportswear style. Pieces included fleece parkas with hoods, fur collared cardigans and single breasted coats, drawstring pants with ribbed polos, and white tights under knit skater skirts. Each look was completed by monochromatic leather ankle booties. Soft fabrics hugged the body sensually and allowed easy and comfortable movement. The abstract patterning, which included chevron stripes, marble camouflage, and tile prints, gave the line a funky flavor. 

PALETTE: From ultra vibrant shades like yellow, orange, green, blue, and turquoise, to more naturalistic hues such as grey, white, brown, beige, and olive.

WHO WAS THERE: Joan Smallson the runway, Chelsea Leyland, Teresa, Francesco, and Margherita Missoni in the front row.

WHO SHOULD WEAR IT: Laid-back ladies who want comfortable, easy moving, and flowing style with just the right amount of structured sophistication for a more dressed up event.