Mixing and Mingling: Taryn Manning Shares Secrets from the OITNB Set


We all know Taryn Manning as the evangelical Pennsatucky on Orange is the New Black, but the actress clearly doesn’t share the same values as her Netflix character. Manning took over the turntables during Kiehl’s Pride Party in anticipation of New York’s Pride Parade on June 29, which celebrates love in all forms. Between turning up the dance tracks and posing for pictures for fans, she took some time to chat with Glam about her blockbuster show and how you can channel her cool-girl aesthetic

On Filming the New Season of Orange Is the New Black:


“There’s so much excitement on set. I don’t know if anybody ever fathomed, ‘Oh we’re making a hit,” [during] the first season. I know for me, I’ve worked for a long time and I’ve never known whether what I’m working on is going to go or not go, or never going to be seen or be seen by millions. We’re all just tripped out.

It’s super fun, but there’s a lot of pressure too if you want to sustain the magic. It’s just like anything in your life; people want to discover the newest band and the newest actor, and there will be a time when we’re not that. So it’s all about the sustenance, sustaining the good writing and the rich acting and the feeling of something being fresh and new.

And it’s really hot on set, always, because of the lighting and the people and the bodies. The crew and everyone is working really hard, and you put that prison gear on, and I wear a thermal under mine, and I wear a wig. I got overheated the other day. I had fans everywhere. I remember one time it was so red that Black Cindy – Adrian – was like 'I don’t know if I missed something in the script, or you guys punched out or something, but your face is really red!' And I was like 'I’m dying right now.' I was getting really sick. But anyway, besides all that, we have so much fun. You know, things happens but it’s work and ultimately, it’s a job, but it’s a job with so many rewards.”

On her Favorite Beauty Buys:


“Probably the–what’s the one toner that has the stuff floating around? It’s a toner. It’s not a rosewater but it’s the [Calendula Herbal Extract Toner] – it’s just so refreshing. And also the Kiehl’s Blue Astringent – if you have a pimple that’s forming, you put that on and it’s gone the next day. And also their [Ultra Facial Moisturizer]. It’s super light and refreshing. I’m a big fan of their stuff.

I’m always about moisturizing so I always have a moisturizing cream, Chapstick, and a [color] lip gloss. You have to pop the lip.”

On her Summer Style Staples:

“I’m definitely into the short shorts on a hot day. I love like a thin top–sort of like a concert tee that’s been washed a million times. I love all the low back stuff, and the cut out tees with the sides showing. Your typical Urban Outfitters slash rock ‘n’ roll.

I love all of the classics of course – some of the greats like Chanel and Marc Jacobs. I saw some shows–I love Anna Sui, Vivienne Westwood. I gravitate towards designers like Helmut Lang with the structure and the artistry. I’ve always loved Charlotte Ronson, The Row, Alice + Olivia, and even boutiques that carry a little bit of everything. I love Kane, like I said for the yummy tees and the silk blend that you have to get dry-cleaned.”