Model Iman Plays Makeup Matchmaker

Name one woman of color who hasn't left a cosmetics counter feeling confused, frustrated, and utterly disgusted. For her—more often than not—shopping for the perfect foundation shade is her very own Mission: Impossible.

Yes, several brands do offer an assortment of shades darker than beige, but their options are often too red, too gold, too light, or perpetually out of stock. Darker skin is quite complex; your forehead and jawline may be slightly darker than your cheeks, and while your complexion may be considered classic mocha, your undertones can either be warm or cool. Olive or golden. Peachy red or yellowish brown. With so many possible overtone/undertone color combinations, it's understandable why brands may initially opt to provide cookie-cutter colors to a handful of Black consumers. What's not understandable? Why in 2011, so few brands have bothered to put in the extensive work to finally get color-matching right across the entire spectrum, from sand to dark chocolate. In fact—seeing as how African-American women spent approximately $9 billion on cosmetics last year—it's downright baffling.

When you've got places to go, people to see, and blemishes to cover, what's a Black girl with a complex complexion to do? As the saying goes—it takes one to know one. Supermodel Iman wants to help you meet your makeup match.

If you're one of the millions of girls who still hasn't found the foundation that flawlessly mimics her skin tone to a tee, quickly log on to and tick the Find Your Shade tab. Simply pinpoint the model whose coloring closely resembles yours and click to see which of their products will work for you. Whether you prefer liquid foundation or loose powder, stick foundation or pressed powder, they've color-matched you in every one of their complexion-perfecting SKUs, even concealer.

Could it be any easier? Head over to and go get matched.