Moisturizing Jeans Are Now a Thing. Would You Rock These Wranglers?


YOU'RE OUT AND ABOUT , wearing your favorite skinny jeans when it occurs to you. “Boy oh boy, my legs feel so dry. I wish my jeans had some kind of built in moisture that would keep my legs silky soft all day long!” If a thought like this has ever crossed your mind, you’re in luck. The folks at venerable denim company Wrangler have heard your cry. Via UK Vogue we now know that Wrangler’s new Denim Spa jeans are set to launch at soon.

Denim Spa jeans are hydrated with apricot kernel oil, shea butter, monoi de Tahiti and rosehip oil, so they will probably smell amazing. Finishes include aloe vera, olive extract, and “Smooth Legs,” a purportedly cellulite reducing variety. They are priced at £85.

In case you’re wondering about wearability and laundry issues, reportedly the moisturizing blend will last 15 days but a “reload spray” is available for purchase to bump up the effectiveness to anywhere “between 67 and 95 days.” We’re intrigued and bemused, and wondering how this would feel in the heat of summer. Model/Mick’s daughter Lizzie Jagger reveals that they feel “cooler than regular jeans” when you put them on, via the video on
What say you? Would you wear Wranglers new moisturizing jeans?

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