Molly Sims Dishes on Her New Red Hairdo


Molly Sims shocked everyone last week with her transformation from blonde to red, all to test-drive Nexxus’ new Color Assure line. Glam got the chance to sit down with the supermodel mom and the brand’s new celebrity color expert Aura Friedman to talk about choosing the right colors, her style staples and icons, and even what to expect from her new book. Here are the highlights:

On the transition from brunette to blonde and now blonde to redhead:

This is definitely more striking, especially since I had been a brunette. It was definitely a change. I thought, ‘God, do I look like a gothic witch?” I promised my husband I wouldn’t go too dark to an extreme. I think that was his biggest concern that it’d be scarlet. I think we’ve achieved that I don’t think he’s seen it. He’s only seen in the pictures, but not in person.

On why Sims and Friedman chose a strawberry blonde:

Aura was so great about choosing the perfect color. It was really fun. Amy Adams was our inspiration. [Deeper reds are] hard to pull off and hard to maintain. You don’t want to [feel like] you’re wearing a wig. It would be a little more natural once you wash and start to style it, and dirty it up a little bit. But I’m so happy!

I haven’t been jet black in almost ten years. I had a moment; I went back to it on Vegas for 7 months, 8 months, I went really dark. How you feel reflects how you look. I just needed something different; I wanted something new. I didn’t want to cut it, but I didn’t, so I’m happy. I’m so happy I didn’t cut it.

AF:I didn’t want anything, like she said, too scarlet, which I didn’t think would work on her skin tone anyway. Surprisingly, she’s got a lot of olive in her skin tone. I also had to think about the fact that she had been blonde for so long, so going red was obviously going to be kind of a dramatic thing, so I tried to keep the lightness around her face, keep it a light coppery, strawberry color so it won’t feel so overwhelming. She can always play around with the tones some more, but I think this was a great start.

On the hero product of the line, the Color Assure Hair Primer:

MS:What’s so great about Nexxus is the Primer [is that] it’s almost like a primer for makeup or a paint primer. It really locks in the color. It seals it so the water, the sulfates, don’t get to it. And it’s easy; you apply it to dry hair – 2 or 3 pumps – and that’s it. It really makes your color last and not fade. It’s really important, especially when you have a really vibrant color because what you don’t want is waking up one day and having pink hair. Anytime you can save time from the salon.

AF:It’s true. I have a lot of clients who I would something say, “Hey, you can come in between for a gloss.” But just to book the appointment; with all the time it takes. You can save the time and make your color last.

On her spring style staples:

MS:I love the ivories, and the bohemian look. I really like the mauves and pinks, your plums, your camels, I also think a camel/neutral color looks really beautiful with a little bit of a tan. You always have to have a pair of white jeans – not too tight. A great boot, a great boyfriend jacket, even a great jean jacket to wear over a dress. Everyone’s rocking the floral, vintage pattern, like Peter Pilotto. I think color is going to really be in for spring.

One her style icons:

I love Sarah Jessica Parker because she she’s so nice, and she always changes it up. She rocks a root like nobody’s business. Lauren Conrad, I think she’s a really sweet girl and she has great style. I think Kate Middleton also; she’s so chic and elegant. Cameron Diaz has great style; she’s really good at mixing things. Sofia Vergara can rock a voluptuous look like no one else.

One her new book, The Everyday Supermodel:

It’s all beauty, fashion, and health. The last chapter [focuses] on making it happen, whatever you want out of life, such as I how I went about doing it. It’s just different things along your journey that keep you focused. I even tell my 19-month-old, “We’re focusing.” [Laughs]