Mom, Makeup, and Manis are on Carrie Underwood’s Mind


With credits at Olay and OPI on her country-filled CV, Carrie Underwood has boosted her beauty arsenal, yet again, as the newest face of Almay. I fell in love with her for a number of reasons during nineteen hours in Nashville—her authenticity, humility, and the fact that she wasn’t afraid to shed a tear and jeopardize the integrity of her mascara in a room full of beauty editors. From the Presidential Suite of Music City’s Hermitage Hotel, Glam went on a beauty binge with Underwood where fond memories of makeup, mom, and manicures ensued.

Angel: How does it feel to be part of the Almay team?

Carrie: I feel like they know what I’m all about: being real and not being complicated. I’ve always loved so many of their products and I’ve fallen in love with even more through getting to know them. I feel like we have the same goals, in wanting people to feel good about themselves and enhance what they’ve got.

A: What’s your makeup routine normally like?

C: My routines differ from day-to-day depending on what I’m doing. I’m like so many women out there. If it’s just me taking the dog to the dog park or going to buy groceries, everything is really simple and really easy. Obviously, for date nights or nights out with friends, even being on stage, things are definitely amped up a little more.

A: Who’s your beauty icon?

C: I grew up loving watching my mom put on her makeup, like so many women did. That was always something that was fun for me. I love women that are strong, that are confident, that have their own style, even if it’s something I wouldn’t do. I see people like Dolly Parton, who has her own thing; nobody does that. She’s completely confident in herself and I love that!

A: What’s in your beauty bag?

C: Golly! In every purse I own, I have lip balms. I do love the [Almay] Smart Shade. I love the CC Cream too, especially in the winter. That one’s really great for when it’s dry and cold. Makeup remover is really important to give your skin a fresh start and get it clean. I love coconut oil! I feel like that one’s really good for winter—I definitely wear it in the summer, too.

A: What was your first beauty buy?

C: My first experiences with makeup was with what was already in my house. I had sisters who were a little bit older than me, who were into makeup, so I’d steal their stuff and wear it. I definitely was into nail polish when I was a kid though. I would paint every finger a different color and go crazy!

A: What’s the most unconventional makeup tip you’ve gotten over the years?

C: Melissa [Schleicher], who does my hair and makeup, would wet her applicator or brush, then put them on shimmery eyeshadows. It would make them a lot more intense. That was something I never thought of doing before, but there’s a lot [of makeup] that you can wet to give it more of a pop.