Moneyball Is a Home Run

I am not a sports fan. I barely know the difference between a touchdown and a slam dunk. (One has to do with hockey, right?) And in seventh grade gym class, I was hit in the head with an aluminum baseball bat. So, I’m especially adverse to that particular sport.

As an avid anti-fan of all things athletic, I assumed that I wouldn’t like the movie Moneyball. After all, the film tells the story of Billy Beane, general manager of the Oakland A's and how his forward-thinking ways was a literal and figurative game changer. But I was invited to a screening of the film, and as a responsible editor, I attended.

And I was captivated – by the story, the actors, and the overall morality of the movie. This Oscar-buzz-worthy film is, not only a home-run for baseball fans, it’s a must-see for movie lovers – like me. Here's why:

Brad Pitt
Obviously Brad Pitt is a huge draw. He’s gorgeous, generous, and talented. He’s a family man and a heartthrob, and, much like his friend George Clooney, he’ll keep getting better with age. As Billy Beane, in Moneyball, Pitt brings heart, emotion, and charmisma to the silver screen.

Jonah Hill
Funny guy Jonah Hill shows off a different side in Moneyball, and proves that he’s a talented, multifaceted actor capable of much more than just slapstick. Playing Peter Brand, the brains behind the operation, Hill is subtly humorous and very real.

Family Values
I love the relationship between Billy and his daughter. Its heartbreaking and inspiring at once. And the sweet song she sings to him will be stuck in your head for days.

The Message
We’ve seen plenty of films that hit us over the head with their message. And while Moneyball definitely does have an uplifting theme, it’s counterbalanced by reality. No, the Oakland A’s do not win the World Series. (I’m not ruining anything for you… This is based on an actual story, after all.) In real life, you have great days and bad days, and not every baseball movie ends with a win.