More Memorable Moments and Quotes at #TWC2010

Every single moment at the Women's Conference inspired me, and all the sensational speeches left me feeling energized. Here are a few more of my favorite quotes from the memorable day. Some are moving, and others are funny… But they all demonstrate what the day is really about: Women, unity, and empowerment.

“To be empowered means to be given authority. This conference doesn't need to give it to us. I've learned here that we already have it. We brought our power with us when we walked through those doors this morning. This event isn't about empowerment it's about recognizing and celebrating how powerful each of us are in our own right, and inspiring us to use that power to do something important.” – Anne Sweeney

“When you're married to the president, you don't care about him leaving his towels on the floor. But now in Dallas, things are different.” – Laura Bush

There have been nine men there for a long, long time [on the Supreme Court]… So why not nine women? – Ruth Bader Ginsburg

“I had to agree to work without pay and put my desk with the secretary, but I loved my work.” – Sandra Day O'Connor

“Every bird can fly faster in formation than they can alone. And [women] are the greatest proof of this.” – Diane Sawyer

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