Morning Moments: 5 Ways to Snag Some “Me” Time

Prepare Ahead of Time

Find yourself scrambling in the morning? Give yourself some extra a.m. time by doing some prep work the night before. Iron and lay out your outfit and pack the kids’ lunches in advance. These seemingly small changes will give you a few extra minutes to unwind or gear up.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast
Mom was right when she said breakfast was the most important part of the day. It provides fuel for your body and mind. Take a few minutes to eat a healthy breakfast—like Quaker Oatmeal Squares. Catch up on the news or read
a paper while savoring something delicious and nutritious.

Listen to a Motivational Song
Put on your iPod while you’re getting dressed or brushing your teeth. An upbeat, motivational song can boost your mood and kick-start your day.

Enjoy a Soothing Shower
While you probably don’t have the time to luxuriate in a bathtub, you can still make your morning shower a revitalizing experience. Find a fragranced shower gel that awakens your senses and gets you going.

Make the Most of Your Drive
Commuting can be stressful, but the time you spend behind the wheel doesn’t have to be a waste. Use the drive to your advantage. Gather your thoughts and prepare for the day.