Movie Mavens and Makeup Musts with Eva Mendes


Eva Mendes regularly channels Old Hollywood glamour in her red carpet looks, so it was no surprise that the golden era was a major influence on her new beauty line, Circa.

Looking back on the endless array of influential actresses from that time, Mendes would easily buck the conventional choices for a posthumous brand ambassador and select a series of Italian screen sirens. “I have three: Monica Vitti, María Félix, and Capucine. I know they’re not your traditional go-to’s, but those are my three,” she shared at a recent press event. “I’m a fan of not only their work but really I find them so beautiful and inspirational. And I love women that are dangerously beautiful. I think Ava Gardner had that as well where there’s a danger in their beauty. I find that really appealing.”

Formulated to provide professional results at mass, Circa’s line serves up an array of makeup looks that flatter any skin tone, a factor that was a major must for Mendes. “Believe it or not, when I first started in the industry 15-16 years ago, it was hard to find shades that were right for my skin tone. It was crazy! If you look back, I did this Will Smith video back in the day [for] ‘Miami,’ and I actually lip-synched for two seconds, “she explained. “I looked purple when I look back at them because it just wasn’t the right product for my skin type. There was a huge turn with Jennifer Lopez and all of the Brazilian models coming in the late ‘90s and it really helped us out there, but still I feel like there’s room for improvement in that area to have more shades available.”

Since becoming a mom, Mendes has streamlined her beauty routine to just a few everyday essentials from the line like the Portofino Ultra Suede Cream Blush that she feels like “you can’t really over apply” thanks to the light formula and the Sheer Apricot Color Treatment Lip Butter that she loves for any daytime look. But her desert island beauty buys would easily be the Magic Hour Illuminating Concealer. “This [concealer] is everything to me right now. If I had to run away with one product, it would be this,” she said.“[It’s] really saving me these days.”