Mrs. Lilien’s Top Three Tips for the Perfect Game Night


To show off a selection of new games like Draw Something 2 and bring back a few old favorites like Words with Friends, Zynga hosted a stylish game night, complete with tips and tricks from the ultimate tastemaker in the home design realm, Mrs. Lilen. In the interest of inspiring a parties with a game night theme, we asked the entertaining diva for her top three tips when it comes to putting together the ideal event.

  1. “As opposed to tradition parting with mixing and mingling, you want people seated. You don’t want to be the buzz kill that interrupts play. To keep you seated, this is a great time to bring out the punch bowl. Have a vat of booze at the table at all times to keep people seated! You can take this another level and go the hybrid route with the edible cocktail, with the champagne juggler! It’s dinner and drinks all in one!”
  2. “You want to keep bites readily available and really small. You don’t want to get them all over your hands and face, especially if you’re doing the new iPad gaming at the table with your friends.”
  3. “If you know in advance that you’re going to have a game night, really play up the theme. Make a feisty statement with custom straws [which you can order online.] Customizing things like having butcher paper down the table so you can keep score. People love to know who’s wining and losing.”