Music Musings: Falling for Pusha T, Paul McCartney, and Katy Perry


The record industry's slate of October releases couldn't be more diverse. We've got Pusha T, formerly of hip-hop duo Clipse making his solo debut; Miley Cyrus declaring independence from her Hannah Montana past with a disc of Bangerz; and Brian Welch returning to Korn for the band's 11th LP Paradigm Shift. And that's all in one week.

This week, GLAM is ushering in October's drop in temperatures with ten upcoming releases that will undoubtedly heat up the charts and your timeline. (Don't act like you haven't seen those #PRISM or #MNIMN hashtags, people). Whether you'll be buying digital discs, streaming on Spotify, or even putting your music player on mute, these records will undoubtedly make headlines in and beyond fall's first full month.

From a roaringKaty Perry to a NewPaul McCartney, and Pearl Jam's reminder to “Mind Your Manners” in between, consider October an ode to all things audial.