Music Musings: Lady Gaga’s Manager on Monetizing Music and Mother Monster


You may not know Troy Carter, but if you Google him, you'll find the Hollywood-meets-high tech authority is behind one of the biggest pop artists of all time: Lady Gaga. While Mother Monster was busy baring it all for V Magazine's approaching September issue, Carter chatted with the glossy's dotcom on his role in her outstanding social media presence and how mobilization is changing the music game for good.

“Artists are going to be giving away music in exchange for different things, like data or purchasing a ticket or a piece of merchandise,” said Carter, who cited even more accessibility as mobile use grows in China and sub-Saharan Africa. “There will be new ways to monetize music, but it may not be the music itself.”

As for Gaga, it was the music that captivated Carter after being introduced to the ARTPOP virtuoso by producer Vincent Herbert. “You saw the energy when she walked in the room. She was very specific about her vision, all of the music was there, and all she needed was someone to help her translate it to the rest of the world, which is where I came in.” Considering Carter's own repertoire—managing the likes of John Legend and artist Kesh through Atom Factory while holding investments in more than 40 tech companies—he and Gaga are quite the powerful pair. That prestige, though, took some time.

“We couldn’t get her record played on the radio and we couldn’t get the video on TV,” Carter said about Gaga's debut. “YouTube and blogs were our platforms in the very beginning because the Internet was the only platform!” Which kind of brings Gaga's approach to ARTPOP full circle. After all, it isn't just an album… it's an interactive experience. “The album is going to be an app. It will also exist in CD and digital form, but the primary experience will be as an application,” Carter explained. “It will be built around the tablet, but will have a mobile version as well.”

Meaning on November 11, we can bring Gaga everywhere we go. The cryptic clip below, a leaked promo from Gaga's ARTPOP revival, is making the wait a little more bearable: