Music Musings: Nick Irwin Gets Runway Ready for NYFW


Nothing sets the mood at a fashion show like the music, and industry insiders are getting into the mix. TIGI Global Creative Director Nick Irwin is one stylist who actually DJed on the side last season. He chatted with Glam about what tunes are the best for the shows and even shared an exclusively playlist to get you pumped to hit Lincoln Center and celebrate the end of the summer in style.

Does your backstage playlist change from season to season?

There are some songs that I love that remind me of certain events that I like being reminded of when I'm working – like being backstage at my first runway show, my childhood, my wedding, etc. But I also like to mix in other songs that are new or that I'm loving at the moment. I also try to keep the playlist full of songs with high-energy beats that keep the team moving. With hair tests and 6:00 a.m. show call times, our days can be very long and you have to keep the energy flowing!

What artists and songs are you currently loving?

Todd Terje, Harry Thumann’s “Underwater,” The Ganges Orchestra's “The Dream,” Michael McDonald's “Sweet Freedom,” Tullio de Piscopo's “Bajon (Appo remix),” T Coy's “Carino.”

How do you come across new artists/songs? Is it an organic process or do you go out searching for new music?

I'm constantly bouncing around on Soundcloud looking for new songs and mixes. I also have a lot of friends – including TIGI Creative Teammates – who love music as much as I do and we're always sharing new finds. A great friend of mine, DJ Mark Farina, always points me in the right direction by sending me tracks.

Why is a good playlist key backstage/on set?

I like to keep my team motivated and excited when we're backstage. It's a hectic time and we only have a certain, short amount of time to get 20+ models ready and looking perfect for the runway. A good playlist can set the stage and vibe to keep everyone on track and in the right attitude to deliver an amazing hair look. It also gives the models a great energy boost before they head out onto the catwalk.

When I'm working on photoshoots and on-set, it's all about setting the mood that needs to be captured on film. When everyone on set is on the same page, it makes for an even better end result in the photo.