Music Musings: Opening Night on Tour with Yeezus


For his first solo tour in five years, Kanye West reminded us that beyond his controversial rants and “bad guy” persona is a certain musical prowess that can't be contested. After Kendrick Lamar opened the North American leg of the Yeezus tour, West proceeded to Seattle's center stage with a familiar claim. Backed by Daft Punk-assisted boom, West performed “On Sight,” signaling that Yeezy season is approaching… or, in this case, has already arrived.

From there, we were taken on a journey chronicling West's College Dropout beginnings, his 2007 Graduation, and a critically-acclaimed run as the purveyor of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy. In a more tender moment, West gave tribute to his late mother Donda West with a “Hey Mama” instrumental—even reportedly shedding a tear—before he broke into the somber “Street Lights” from 808s & Heartbreak.��

In all, there was one giant mountain, four masks, infinite LED effects, two rants, 29 songs, and one actor portraying Jesus—what else would you expect from a man who lists God as a featured act?

Turn up to our Yeezus tour playlist and let us know what you think about West's return to stage.