My Escape to Alaska

I'm back from Alaska! It was quite the whirlwind trip. I arrived on Thursday, and departed on Saturday… But it was definitely worth the long flights and cold temps. (It was fuh-reezing there!) Anyway, I still won't be able to reveal the reason for my “little” jaunt for a while. In fact, by the time I do get to share it with you, you'll probably have forgotten about my Alaskan adventure all together. Oh well! In the meanwhile, I wanted to share a few candid photos with you. The panoramic views from up in the air and down on the ground were absolutely breathtaking…

I'm not sure you're allowed to take pics from the plane, so don't tell… I just couldn't resist this awesome opportunity!

Just amazing!

At this time of year there's only a few hours of sunlight. How incredible is this sunset?