My NikeiDs: Pretty Tough

To say I need a new pair of running shoes is putting it mildly. In the past year or so I've put mine through the ringer. Between kickball games, dodgeball games, a few soccer games, and running around the hills in my San Francisco neighboor hood, my adorable pink Nike kicks have seen better days.

But there's a big reason I'm in need of new running shoes, I'm signed up for the Dirty Girl 5k Mud Run in October and it's time to start training.

I love mixing feminine and masculine pieces in my everday wardrobe and my workout gear is no exception. I'm drawn to both ultra-girlie items and tough accessories. One of the spring/summer season's hottest colors was mint, and truthfully, I'm not sick of it yet! I wanted a pair of mint running shoes so bad I could taste it, but I couldn't find the pair that would just right for me (meaning, girly enough).

Enter, NikeiD! You can customize your own shoe, choosing the colors and even the text on the tongue of the shoe. How cool is that? As a runner, fashion lover, and minor control freak, this is the dream. The Nike LunarGlide+ iD shoes themselves are pretty awesome, they offer lightweight responsive cushioning, a flywire lacing system for an adaptive fit, and dynamic support for optimal stability. Here's how I ended up with my dream shoe.

You can pull up the NikeiD page on your browser or use your cell phone! I started with the upper color of the shoe. You can choose from a fade pattern or solid, but I preferred solid. I chose a reflective inner sleeve as I sometimes run at dusk and usually walk back from the gym when it's dark outside. In Step 2, I decided to stay with white fly wire (the wires next to the laces).

Step 3: A pink swoosh? Yes please!

Step 4: I kept my midsole grey and the bottom color white – boring I know, but also very aesthetically pleasing. Here's one of the coolest parts of the process, you can choose a sockliner cushioning preference. You can go with Responsive, which is slightly firmer for quicker reactions, or Cushioned, for a slightly softer, more plush ride. I went with cushioned.

Step 5: Laces! I went with Blue Glow.

Step 6: Now for the coolest part… you can customize the tongue ID! You can customize up to 4 characters per tounge, or you can choose the standard Nike logo. Whether you customize with your own lettering or choose their logo, you can still customize the color! I chose pink to match my swoosh. It doesn't get more custom than having your first name on your shoes!

I seriously cannot wait for these shoes to arrive; this is going to be a great motivation to get out there and run and train for Dirty Girl! I'll probably run the race in my old Pink Nike Free shoes, I don't want to get these gorgeous shoes covered in mud!

NIKEiD is the ultimate customization experience and allows our consumers to take their unique inspiration and express it within our Nike product, which results in a perfect intersection: personalized looks on the best performance athletic performance gear in the world.

Disclosure: The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Nike