My Weekend Getaway in the 2011 Lincoln MKT

Once summer rolls around I look for any excuse to leave the city. Last weekend I decided it was time to hit the Hamptons for the first time this season. And while I love the bus, sitting in traffic with a group of strangers didn't seem so appealing and the east bound Long Island Rail Road trains are standing room only on Friday afternoon. But lucky for me, the kind folks at Lincoln offered me the 2011 Lincoln MKT to borrow for my Southampton drive.

The all wheel drive, crossover vehicle is slightly awkward looking from the outside, but as soon as I took my seat behind the wheel I was smitten. I turned up the radio, placed a few bottles of water in the refrigerated console, scooped up my friends, and headed for the Midtown Tunnel.

It was a blissful journey along the Long Island Expressway. Premium leather bucket seats made for a comfortable ride for my passengers seated in the first and second rows, while front and back sunroofs created an open, airy, feel. When sundown caused a glare, my gal pals were thrilled to find shades they could pull down on their windows to block it. And when the heat became unbearable, noone complained as each row had it's own personal cooling system. When we arrived at our destination, we were actually disappointed to have to get out of the car.

I spent the weekend volunteering to do every necessary errand just to have an excuse to get back in the car. And while I'm usually a pretty poor parallel parker, this car made it quite seamless for me with active parking assist. No need to worry about losing that prime spot on Main Street. Even the most privileged Southampton residents nodded in approval as I stood beside my ride.

Suffice it to say, this vehicle was made for living the good life!

*The standard 2011 Lincoln MKT is priced at $49,200. The souped up version I drove comes fully loaded at $56,775.