Nail Lupita Nyong’o’s Luminous Looks


Lupita Nyong’o’s luminous skin and chic beauty sensibility are so enviable that Lancôme put the star’s best features forward in its campaigns. While it takes a good skincare regimen to get her signature look, her makeup artist Nick Barose is spilling a few of his secrets on how to fake it ‘til you make it. The makeup maestro linked up with Teen Vogue’Elaine Welteroth to dish how to get Nyong’o’s Oscar winning look.

Don’t Be Afraid of Color – The award winning actress made necks snap at every awards show thanks to her love of vibrant colors, even matching her makeup to her gowns. “When you have a dark complexion don’t be afraid of color because I’ve done black lipstick on her, purple lipstick, pretty much every color of the rainbow,” Barose said in the clip. “Just have fun with it.”

Swatch to Select Your Shade – Finding your foundation shade can become a major mission if you have dark skin. “Test it along the jawline and look at it in the daylight because that’s going to tell you everything,” he advised.

Use Your Tools – Barose recommends applying foundation with a dampened BeautyBlender and blending into the skin from the center of the face outwards. He also advised against applying concealer under the eyes with your fingertips to avoid looking cakey.

Apply on the Apples – A soft flush of color is better than a ruddy cheek. Barose admits he applies a bit of powder first before applying blush to the apple of cheeks to avoid blotchiness and unnecessary contouring. “It’s not so much about contouring when it comes to darker skin,“ he explained, “Because if you try to sculpt it too much, you have to use really dark colors, and that’s when the face will start to fade away.”

Highlight, Don’t Hide – In lieu of the Kardashian-approved contour, Barose recommends use a highlighter to bring out the light on the prominent points of the face. “It’s kind of the opposite of contouring because you’re bring [the high points] forward,” he said.

Haven’t seen the video? Check it out below: