Nailing the Marchesa Mani with Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig


No one knows Hollywood glamor quite like Georgina Chapman and Keren Craig. Their decadent, dramatic gowns are what red carpet dreams are made of, especially during awards season. So when it came to their collaboration with Revlon, it was all about getting the details just right.

“I just think that Keren and I were just so thrilled at the level of detail they managed to get in the nails, and they really did translate absolutely beyond our expectations,” Chapman explained at last night’s collaboration launch.

The intricate patterns and vibrant colors from some of the brand’s most memorable gowns, including a few from their Fall 2013 collection were translated into textured nail appliques that go on in a snap. “They’re so quick! I mean I’m not a pro at all, and I can do it really 1-2-3,” Craig exclaimed. Chapman even offered a pro-tip to maintain the mani for much longer without adding a topcoat to mess with the texture. “What I did before I went on holiday was I put Shellac on underneath and then I put [the nail applique] on top,” she said.

In the midst of the mani madness, the Marchesa girls shared a few of the beauty staples, the biggest being a bronzer. “A bronzer, a good lip, and a good concealer are all go to’s to have in your bag for emergencies,” Craig listed.

But Chapman surprised everyone with her biggest beauty secret. “I never stopped taking my prenatals in between babies because hair and nails really benefit from those,” she explained. “They’ve become a staple forever. It might scare my husband a bit taking them a year after, like “Are there any more?”

We'll just bump up our vitamin intake and stick to Shellac in the meantime.