Naomi Campbell Dazzles and Dishes in Elle


We’re already on pins and needles for the premiere of Oxygen's new show The Face, andNaomi Campbell is one of the three biggest reasons we’ll be tuning in. While we eagerly wait, Ms. Campbell is giving us the early dish on the show in the pages of ELLE. Here are a few excerpts from the interview touching on that infamous cell phone incident and her thoughts On Tyra Banks and other modeling reality shows:

On mentoring girls on Oxygen’s The Face:
When I first got Yves Saint Laurent couture, I didn’t know how to take off a cape. I would ask Katoucha and Dalma – the real divas of the runway – ‘Can you show me?’ I’ve never been afraid to ask for help… I care for my girls [on the show]. Every single one of them. I’m not here to put anyone down.

On the infamous cell-phone-throwing incident:
I’m never gonna get away from it. It’s part of my history. I was remorseful and regretful. I’ve served. I did that time. And I never want to be in that position again.

On if she watches Tyra Banks’ America’s Next Top Model:
I don’t watch the other reality model shows. I’ll never have anything to say. If you ask me about Tyra Banks, I’m proud of her as a woman of color. She’s given girls opportunity, and God bless her.