Napoleon Perdis Hops on the Snail Trail


Thanks to mucus packed with a slew of anti-aging ingredients, snail facials have quickly become the most buzzed-about spa treatment. Surprisingly, Napoleon Perdis is hopping on the bandwagon with a new BBB Cream.

Though the treatment involves snails crawling over your face to deposit the potent mucus, Perdis drew ingredients like glycolic acid and elastin directly from the snail trail to stimulate collagen and repair skin damage. The Auto Pilot BBB Cream also contains broad spectrum sunscreen and HD foundation to instantly correct your skin.

According to the makeup artist extraordinaire, records indicate that the mollusks were used in beauty rituals since the time of Hippocrates to reduce inflammation. He even told The Huffington Post that Katie Holmes uses the creepy crawly ingredient in her anti-aging routine.

While others believe that slow-moving mollusks are the key to the fountain of youth, I’d personally rather watch them on the big screen, à la the upcoming Turbo movie, and use the BBB Cream than have them traverse my face. If you’ve braved treatment, tell me about your experience.