NastyGal’s Setting Up a Brick & Mortar Shop


Thanks to her new book, GirlBoss, NastyGal'sSophia Amoruso is deep in the speaking circuit, making the rounds at conferences including South by Southwest in Austin and LuckyFABB in Los Angeles. But while some rest on the laurels of the printed word, Amoruso continues to drop major news. A few months ago, she Tweeted that NastyGal is expanding, IRL, but now we have a location and opening date.

sophia amoruso nasty gal stores

“We plan on opening stores; the first two will be in LA,” Amoruso said. So just when will she extend her online influence to a brick and mortar store? Count on toasting to a NastyGal address before the end of this year.

Cheers to powerful ladies, making moves!