Naya Rivera Talks Bud Light and Big Sean with GLAM


You know her as Santana Lopez, the fiery cheerleader on Glee, whose breakout Madonna moment and lady-love storylines launched her from antagonist to fan favorite. In real life, she's Naya Rivera; a 26-year-old star, whose voice will soon travel from your television sets to the top of the charts later this year.

Before we get a listen of Rivera's solo sonic prowess, she's putting her personality to work as the face of Bud Light's ambitious 50/50/1 series. The unprecedented feat has offered fans sub rosa artist bits this entire summer, and on August 1, will culminate in a concert in every state. Rivera will take the spectacular's main stage in Los Angeles where native Grammy winner Miguel will kick things off.

Between Bud Light, magazine cover shoots (the details of which Rivera kept sealed), and preparations to return to the set of Glee (where Adam Lambert will join the cast), Rivera divulged on rapper beau collaborations, her real-life LGBT advocacy, and how hip-hop and coffee offer the perfect boost.