Need to Fight Acne and Aging? These 3 Gizmos Do Both!

Finally—one tool that does it all. For those of you who suffer from both annoying ailments, one of these three dual-purpose offerings is perfect for you (and your face!).

1) ANSR: Beam, $148,
Glide this wireless phototherapy device over affected areas for 10 minutes twice a day for drastic results. The red LED significantly reduces unsightly breakouts, while its blue counterpart smooths over fine lines and improves skin’s texture and your complexion’s tone.

2) Nano In-Home Antiaging and Anti-Acne Facial Hot-Cold Steamer Device, $59.95,
Spouts two temperatures to help you achieve a clear complexion. The heated mist opens pores to eliminate bacteria while expanding epidermic cells to plump wrinkles. The cool mist then tightens pores, safeguarding against further impurities penetrating your skin’s surface.

3) 3MHz Ultrasonic Galvanic Spa Photon Therapy 3-in-1 Massager, $95.98,
This vibrating tool combines ultrasonic waves, galvanic ions, and low-intensity photon therapy to stimulate cellular reproduction, reduce the appearance of age spots, eliminate puffy, dark circles, brighten your complexion, increase your skin’s natural moisture levels, and, of course, blast acne-causing bacteria into oblivion.