Net-a-porter Goes Social


In a social media-filled world with “likes,” “shares,” “favorites,” and “comments,” it seemed to Net-a-Porter that something was missing. And now that we know what their new app is all about, we can safely say that they were right. The invitation-only app, “The Netbook,” is available today, but invitations are reserved (for now) for fashion’s finest during London, Milan, and Paris Fashion Weeks.

The app is based on a community of admirers, and Net-a-Porter is making sure that the first members are among the most admired and fashion-savvy in the world. “The team will invite editors, stylists, bloggers, models, street-style stars, brands, and VIPs that they meet at shows or parties, which will make sure that the most influential people in fashion are involved from the start,” said Sarah Watson, Net-a-Porter’s mobile manager.

Similar to the way that Facebook has “friends” and Twitter has “followers,” the image-based shoppable app is navigable by way of friends that they “admire.” Users will be able to build a profile, search for luxury clothes on Net-a-Porter and construct a “Love List” that others can “admire” by way of a live feed. Sponsored by Stella McCartney, the app isn’t just a run-of-the-mill shopping forum. Instead, it’s a platform where fashionable users can keep up with their fashionable friends (or just acquaintances) – and dream about just how big their closets can be without letting their online shopping impulses get them into too much trouble. So, dream big and make your “Love List” long while you take the time to figure out if you really need it, or if you can only afford to “admire” it in pixel-form for a while.