Netflix Cancels Website Split

Well that didn’t last long. A month after announcing its plans to split DVD rentals and online streaming into two different websites, Netflix is taking back the idea due to scrutiny from account holders. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings thought splitting Netflix’s business and adding Qwikster would be easier for subscribers to navigate their account, but reactions to the plan were overwhelmingly negative.

News of this website plan came on the heels of Netflix announcing a price increase for accounts that used both DVD rental and online streaming services. Subscribers hated this plan as well and started cancelling accounts immediately, causing a huge drop in sales for the previously reliable entertainment company. With this flip flop of the year, Netflix is on thin ice with subscribers. Sales aren’t going back up as quickly as predicted even with the constant addition of new shows and films onto their Instant Play collection. So what’s next? The best option would obviously be to lower the prices once again, but that’s a long shot and the damage has already been done. Even after all of the crazy changes, Netflix is still one of the easiest places to watch the best shows and films. But can it stay on top of the movie watching world?