New Balance Teaches Us to Walk with Good Form


Last week we left the city behind and entered a world of greenery at the New York Botanical Gardens—all to test out New Balance’s latest walking shoe, the 1765. The sneaker boasts a FantomFit Mesh upper for ultra light support, N2 cushioning technology so the foot can be lower to the ground, and REVlite foam to add a lightweight stability to the shoe. As we strode over to the conservatory, we learned the 3 principals of walking with good form from Grant Robinson of Good Form Running and fitness expert Holly Perkins so we can burn calories and shape our derrieres just in time for beach season:

Stride—Take shorter strides at a faster pace that works for you, instead of locking your knees to lengthen your strides, which can cause joint pain. There’s no need to shuffle quickly either. That can actually slow you down as your shoes scrape the ground or floor.

Footstrike—Try to land lightly on your heel and transition forward. It’s not a runway so there’s no need to stomp down the street and possibly injure your joints. If you need to pick up speed, you can pull your arms up by your waist to swing to propel you forward.

Posture—Walk tall as if you’ve pulled your arms above your head to avoid slouching. It extends the spine and put the body’s muscles into their proper places for a more efficient walk. It also helps to wake you up when you feel a little run down.