New Year, New Attitude: Mommy’s “Me-Time” Resolution

Time flies – especially when your days are filled with play dates, luncheons, birthday parties, and pediatrician appointments. Yes, life as a parent is busy and hectic, and we think you deserve more than a pat on the back and a “Mom of the Year” mug. That’s why we’re offering a few unique resolutions for all the overworked, under-appreciated moms out there. So sit back, relax, and read through our selfish New Years suggestions.

Sleep Shamelessly
Nap time is not just for little ones — mommies need time outs too. So dim the lights, turn on the classical music, and tune everyone out. Easier said than done? Call the babysitter. You don’t have to be out on the town to enjoy the benefits of a child-free day.

Spend to Excess
You know that designer handbag you’ve had your eye on for months? Or that deliciously overpriced cashmere sweater you’ve been coveting? Now is the time to excessively spend and selfishly splurge. It’s the post-holiday shopping season, and all your favorite brands and stores are slashing prices – so chances are you won’t do too much damage. (Wink-wink.)

Eat Greedily
You feed your kids healthy, balanced meals full of green veggies and lean proteins. You encourage smart snacking and nutritious eating. And you try to practice what you preach while in the presence of your impressionable youngsters. But when the kids go to bed, all bets are off. Break out the non-organic goodies and feast on your favorite foods. You deserve an extra piece of chocolate or perhaps a meal to-go from your favorite pig-out spot. Sit in front of the TV and veg out like you teach the children not to do. Come tomorrow morning, it’s back to Cheerios and skim milk.

Take a Staycation … Alone.
Leave the hubby at home with the kids, and book a night at a hotel room in town. An evening away will leave you revived and rejuvenated (well, maybe). Order in room service, on-demand a movie, and chug a bottle of expensive wine. This is your night.