Nia Long Shines Bright Like a White Diamond



Nia Long has had a long and lustrous career since her start on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. And thanks to her timeless beauty, chic sensibility, and her quality acting, she is following in Elizabeth Taylor’s footsteps as the new ambassador of White Diamonds Lustre. Long took some time away from prepping for the premiere of her upcoming show, The Divide, to sit down with Glam and a group of beauty editors to dish on the show and share her red carpet beauty secrets.

On Becoming the New Ambassador of White Diamonds Lustre:

“This is the first time I’ve ever done anything like this, and to be connected and affiliated with a brand that has a legacy of success and of so many important contributions to our country is an honor.

I would have to say is every girl should have diamonds, even if they’re not real diamonds. It’s a representation of how valuable we are to ourselves. If we can look at ourselves as being this precious jewel. That perfume is a reminder like, ‘I am precious, and I do want to walk out into the world and emulate the best of who I am.’”

On Elizabeth Taylor’s Legacy:

“She embodies that attitude–that fearlessness, that effortless, yet fully thought through, finished package.

When she was a huge movie star and her career was happening, I wasn’t born, but when I first became really aware of who she was, it was during the time that HIV/AIDS awareness was a huge epidemic, and it continues to be. What’s great about the fragrance is that 25% of the revenue goes to HIV/AIDS awareness, which I think is so huge because this woman didn’t at the time really need anything. The scent is a reminder of all of the things she stood for.”

On How She Prefers to Spritz Her Perfume:

“To me, your fragrance is the icing on the cake. It identifies who you are as you walk in the door.

I think the best place is [on the wrists], because you get to enjoy it. And I like to do it [at the back of the neck] because when the wind blows, it hits the person behind you who smells it. And then when I’m going out in the evening I’ll just spray it wherever.”

On Her Red Carpet Beauty Musts:

“I’m a big spa girl so I really love facials and I’ve probably tried all the high end products. I’ve been going to Mamie [Mcdonald] since the days of Third Watch when I was here doing their show, and she’s amazing. You have to start with clean, fresh skin [so] when you put on your make up it goes on seamlessly.

I think the wardrobe dictates the hair. When you’re playing these different characters, you want to create something that is real for that specific character. But in my own life, I want to just look like [natural], and then proceed with my day. For make-up I kind of do a natural look – it’s very sheer, very glowy – I prefer a nude lip, sometimes I do color, but usually I do a simple nude lip with a little pink in it.”

On Her New Show The Divide:

“I read the script a few months ago, and I thought, 'Oh my God, this is such a great story because it’s about the Innocence Project.' My husband [on the show] is the district attorney played by a gentleman named Damon Gupta, who is such a wonderful actor. I play his wife [also an attorney], and my character has sort of taken the position of 'Okay, you can go out into the world and be the voice of the people, and I will take the corporate job which will make the money, and together we will be a team. And we will always come together to make sure that we are constantly doing what’s best for our family.' The corporate world that I represent is connected to injustices that the Innocence Project is investigating, so it forces my husband and [I] to look at each other and ask, 'Which side are we playing on?'”