Nicki Minaj Unveils Her New Fragrance Commercial


Remember those behind-the-scenes snaps of Nicki Minajrocking a pink ballgown for her Minajesty commercial? The video has finally arrived!

The Pink Friday princess shared the clip when she stopped by Ellen DeGeneres on Friday where Barbs and fragrance fans alike could enter the dreamy world of Minajesty. In the video, she sets a dove free before running through the forest with a white horse to end up to her castle. With a spritz of the floral gourmand scent and a magical wardrobe change, she’s ready to reign over her empire.

The perfume itself boasts fresh notes of juicy peach, red currant, magnolia, pink frangipani, tonka, fluffy vanilla, and white musk, blending Minaj’s outrageous and almost cartoony style with a timeless spirit weaved through. With a sniff, you may be whisked away to your own Queendom for the royal treatment.

Available at for $20-$59.50.

Haven’t seen it yet? Check out the video here.