Nicola Formchetti’s First Diesel Fashion Show Will Be an Event


Come Thursday, we will get to see what direction Diesel’s commander-in-chief is leading the Italian brand in since joining as artistic director!

Nicola Formichetti will unveil his very first full-fledged collection in Venice on Thursday, Women’s Wear Daily is reporting, and has linked with Twitter to do so.

“We want to offer an experience people can remember and we are looking at creating an event outside established fashion weeks in Paris, Milan or New York—which are already chock-full of shows,” Formichetti told WWD.

“We like to create our own rules,” he continued. Diesel is creating their own rules by inviting 300 guests to partake in “an amazing experience, less of a fashion show and more of an event,” Renzo Ross, Diesel’s cofounder said.

The event will not be live-streamed but it will allow fashion enthusiasts on Twitter to have an interactive experience through guest Tweeters like Vogue Italia’s Franca Sozzani, rapper Brooke Candy, bloggers Suzie Bubble and Chiara Ferragni who will be available for a live question-and-answer session day of as well as “friends and fashion ambassadors.”

“It’s a voice from Venice, and it will be like looking at the event through someone else’s point of view,” Lady Gaga’sformer stylist and BFF said. “It’s personal and almost like sending a text message.”

… or a Snapchat?

WWD is reporting that Wi-Fi Twitter Mirrors will be set up to encourage taking #selfies.

“I love the digital world, but the human touch is as important; I see it as a tool to spread love.”

Formichetti definitely is a champion for digital media that’s for sure. We’ll be sure to update you after the show on Thursday.