Nicolas Ghesquière Brings Adventure to Louis Vuitton


The man finally speaks!

Nicolas Ghesquière avoided the press since taking the helm at Louis Vuitton as creative director. He has since broken his silence, granting Vanity Fair contributing editor Ingrid Sischyhis very first interview, detailing the road to Vuitton.

“I promised myself: Before your 18th birthday, you’re going to be at John Paul Gaultier,” he told Sischy in the profile. “And it worked. I was hired.” He would go on to work at various brands honing his skills as a freelancer before he was crowned Balenciaga’s creative director at 25.

When he left Balenciaga, many in the industry wondered where he would end up—especially once the speculation surrounding Marc Jacobs departure from the 160-year-old fashion house started brewing.

“There was only Nicolas,” Michael Burke, C.E.O of Louis Vuitton told Vanity Fair. “We are under an obligation of maintaining a standard of boldness after the brilliant job that Marc Jacobs did. We had to have somebody as great as Nicolas. We couldn’t go into it saying, 'We’re going to pay it safe.'” Delphine Arnault added, “We like adventures.”

An adventure is just what Ghesquière signed up for. “I learned not to be scared,” he told Sischy.” To be brave. In this work you have to convince everyone all the time, at different levels, to support your dream. I learned you have to be confident in order to do that.”

Read the full profile when the April issue of Vanity Fair hits newsstands on March 13th.