Nicolas Ghesquiere Left Balenciaga Because it Wasn’t ‘Fulfilling Anymore’


It was the gasp heard around the fashion world when, after 15 years, designer Nicolas Ghesquièredecided to leave Balenciaga last November. Now he is finally speaking out about his decision, saying, “I began to feel as though I was sucked dry, like they wanted to steal my identity while trying to homogenize things,” Ghesquière said, The Business of Fashionreported, “It just wasn't fulfilling anymore.”

It wasn't fulfilling enough, partly because, he felt alone. “I never had a partner, and I ended up feeling too alone,” he explained. “I had a marvelous studio and design team who were close to me, but it started becoming a bureaucracy and gradually becoming more corporate–until it was no longer even linked to fashion. In the end, it felt as though they just wanted to be like any other fashion house.”

Ouch. He doesn't stop there, “Over the last two or three years it became one frustration after another,” said Ghesquière.” It was really that lack of culture which bothered me in the end. The strongest pieces that were made for the catwalk were ignored by the business people.”

While that may be so, his decision to leave the design house was not ignored. Ghesquière's departure was announced while he was away on a “spiritual trip” in Japan and he found the reaction to be “very positive” and “quite beautiful.”

Ghesquière hasn't announced his next move, but we're excited to see the direction that Alexander Wang will take the house, as the new designer for the label.