Nicole Richie Is a Nail Art Novice


One would think that a fashionista like Nicole Richie would be all about nail art, but not so!

In her latest edition of her web series, Candidly Nicole, the multi-tasking mom takes on the phenomenon with help from pals Derek Blasberg, Simone Harouche, and Kimmie Kyees, Richie’s manicurist. Kyees schools the group on the basics of the beauty artform, including Minx foils (a favorite of Beyoncé), gels, charms, caviar, and the ever-popular nail strips.

The group opted for a leopard print party nail with Blasberg giving the rest of his tips a matte finish as he admitted that Dennis Rodman killed the male manicure. “He took the men’s manicure down for me,” he said in the clip.

Richie had Kyees create a black and white framed moon manicure, asking her to de-bunk a few mani myths. The biggest old wives’ tale? “That calcium helped your nails,” Kyees explained. “Your nails are actually made of keratin protein, not calcium.”

Watch the hilarious nail party, and see you you don’t pull out your polish collection and play!