Nicole Scherzinger Shape Shifts Her Style with Herbal Essences

From shampoos to hairsprays, Herbal Essences has always covered all of our hair needs. The new Herbal Essences styling collection joins the brand’s expansive styling range to help protect your strands from heat styling while controlling frizz and adding shine. Nicole Scherzinger put the products to the test as the new spokesperson for the brand and had her hair transition easily into three different styles when Glam sat down with her, thanks to celeb hairstylist Charles Baker Strahan. The chanteuse chatted with us about her favorite styles, her makeup must-haves, and which designers she loves right now.

What is your favorite product out of the new stylers?
My favorite product out of the new collection is the Herbal Essences Set me Up Heat Protecting Spray because I use it a lot. I love to do a lot of updos. I also like the Body Envy Hair Spray because it smells unbelievable and it’s light. I actually like the Tousle Me Softly Spray Gel, so I can do a soft, but beachy, look. And the Hello Hydration Conditioner as well — it smells good!

I know you have Charles here, but whenever you’re doing our own hair, what’s your favorite style to pull off, and what do you use to get it?
My go to is probably straightening my hair, because I usually need Charles or someone to do more complex styles. If my hair was wet, I’d use the Touchably Smooth Smoothing Mousse, and the Set Me Up Heat Protecting Hair Spray, and then the Touchably Smooth Smoothing Serum help my hair stay smooth. I’d finish up the look with the Touchably Smooth Split End Protector. Or if I let my hair air dry, then I use the Tousle Me Softly Spray Gel which creates a natural wave that I really like. Or, I’ll put it away in a bun if I’m running around or if I’m in the airport, and keep it chic with the Herbal Essence Body Envy Hair Spray. Those are the ones I can do, and then [the hair stylists] are the ones who make it all fancy. A style that I love that takes a bit more time is a more piecey look. I call it the “Victoria’s Secret” or “Ethereal Goddess” and curl my hair around an iron to get a more relaxed look.

What are the top three beauty items you keep in your purse?
Well, I keep my Herbal Essences Body Envy Hair Spray in my bag. I have these Impress Nails that I love, so those are always a go-to because they go on in minutes, and I can change my nails to whatever mood I’m in. I love a waterproof liner in a brown or black — I use Yves Saint Laurent or MAC. You can do a lot with the liner — you can smudge it,you can put it inside of your eye or make it like eyeshadow. And I love my Stila cream pots because I can use it on my cheeks and my lips.

You have such a distinctive style. Do you like to go shopping?

I do like to go shopping, but honestly, I’m so busy, it’s a lot easier if I have people help me with it because I don’t really have so much time to go through so many things. So I kind of go shopping at my fittings with a couple of people helping me out. Online shopping is fun, but I like to try things on. I’m that girl.

What would you say are your style staples for spring?
I love Thomas Wylde because she’s able to be very boho, but kind of rock-y. So I love flowy dresses with ruffles. I’m rocking the whole different color, kind of Easter-colored jeans. Those are fun! I’m rocking a lot of my nails for the spring and summer because not only are they neon color but animal print with color.

Are there any designer that you're loving right now?
Thomas Wylde because it’s boho meets rock — it’s really got a cool rock edge. I’m always a big fan of Roberto Cavalli because it’s very tribal and animalistic, but it’s still rock, too. I like Rick Owens. I also love Preen.

The Herbal Essences new range of styling products are available at major retailers nationwide for $3.99 – $4.29.