Nigel Barker Is Set to Build a Beauty Empire


Nigel Barker is already making room on the beauty counter with a makeup line of his own, but now he’s branching out even further with his own series of scents.

Finding inspiration in the Big Apple, the shutterbug and TV host stepped away from the usual celebrity perfumers, opting to work closely with Demeter. The combination resulted in three unisex scents: Wall Street, Times Square, and New York Nights – all of which feature Barker’s snaps of the city on the bottle.

“We made complex, but linear scents in the Demeter tradition, making sure these were not ‘me-too’ fragrances in any way,” Mark Crames, owner and chief executive officer of Demeter told Women’s Wear Daily. “We tried to make the fragrances reality based, to actually capture the smells of the area, rather than a touchy-feely interpretation.”

After living all over the world, Barker found that New York City has the power to captivate people from all walks of life, for both tourists and locals alike. “People come to New York and want to capture that moment in time. I tried to recreate that feeling in the scent,” he said.

After publishing a beauty book, gearing up his two cosmetic lines to launch, and now these new aromas, Barker on the road to building a beauty empire come 2014!