No Love Allowed? Season Four Peek at Girls Shows Hannah and Adam are Over!


We can’t say we didn’t see this coming, but based on a few photo leaks from the season four set of Girls, it looks like Hannah and Adam are (finally!) no more.

Back in April, we saw snapshots of Lena Dunham and Adam Driver cuddled up, presumably in character, on the show’s BK set (photo on the left). The moment hinted at a reconciliation following Hannah’s tactless announcement of her writer’s workshop acceptance right before Adam’s big moment during the season three finale. Can anyone else have a little shine around this self-absorbed being? Well, Adam seems to be over his roller coaster rendezvous, and from the looks of things, has a new love interest in Gillian Jacobs.

The Community actress is leaving Greendale for New York City with a recurring role next season. Jacobs will make her debut as Mimi-Rose Howard in an eponymous episode five. Though Dunham and fellow show scribes have remained mum on her role, it appears that she will not only be the show’s new girl, but Adam’s as well.

Splash News released the first photos of Jacobs on set as Mimi-Rose, clutching on to a bouquet of hydrangeas and going in for a bisou, or two, with Adam. As for Hannah, she’s sitting on a crate, being Hannah, with a wardrobe that still has yet to evolve. Dun, dun, dun!

We won’t know what happens with the (odd) couple until early next year, but, since the Girls are being generous, maybe they’ll share a look at Taylor Swift or Cara Delevingne on set next.