No Wonder Cara Delevingne Is So Tired…She’s Been In Bali for A John Hardy Campaign!


Cara Delevingne took to Twitter to defend herself verbally (sort of?) after Vogue writer Plum Sykes wrote about the model’s sleeping habits. Then she took to Instagram to show us why she might be tired all the time. Well, it’s because she travels to places like Bali for photoshoots on the reg (see her deluge of Instagram photos, tagged with a variety of hashtags including #bali). WWD reports that Delevingne was there for three days to shoot a campaign for jewelry house John Hardy. From trips to exotic locales and long days wearing gorgeous jewelry on the beach, it’s no wonder she wants to take a nap now and then!

Seriously, though, while the 21-year-old model’s Instagram makes her trip look like complete fun and games, there’s no doubt in our minds that an incredible slew of campaign photos is just around the corner. Delevingne admitted, “I kept trying to steal things. I almost turned into a bit of a kleptomaniac, to be honest. I fell in love with this coil bracelet that wraps all around your arm. I tried to cement it to my arm. Or, I kept saying, ‘I can’t get this ring off, it’s too tight…It’s mine.” Truth be told, we probably would’ve said the same thing.

However, creative director David Lipman has only positive things to share about Delevingne. “Cara has the true spirit of a girl from the Sixties and a girl from today…She’s irreverent and a free spirit. She’s one of a kind. And when we speak about our jewelry, it’s one of a kind. There is a strong, natural link with Cara.” A match made in heaven—that being, of course, Bali.

Shot by Sebastian Faena, the images will feature model Simon Nessman (the face of Giorgio Armani’s Acqua di Gio Essenza fragrance) in addition to Delevingne. Between the striking black sand, the exquisite John Hardy jewels and the perfect models wearing them, you can expect quite the campaign, due out in October.