Nonie Creme Debuts a Rainbow of Butterfly-Inspired Beauty Buys


Nonie Creme is a mix master of covetable nail colors, but the mani maestro is expanding her horizon to the masstige market with her own beauty line.

While her name might not ring bells for most, nail ninjas and beauty buffs know Creme as a backstage staple, working with brands like Vivienne Westwood and Honor as well as the founding creative director of Butter London, creating vivid hues that quickly became bezzie mates with everyone in the industry. But now she’s shifted her focus to a line of fun, flirty beauty buys with Nonie Creme Colour Prevails that just bowed at Walgreens.

With all of the items under $20, the line indulges colorful creative with a vibrant array of double duty shadows, liners, lippies, and lacquers with cheeky names you’ll love and lasting power. But the most eye-catching aspect has to be the bright butterfly that touches all of the packaging that was inspired by Alexander McQueen’s 2001 runway show centerpiece: a woman boxed in with a swarm of moths.

“My roots are from this slightly punk, fashion world, and I was always drawn to those types of designers like McQueen, Westwood, and, of course, Rick Owens,” she shared at the brand’s launch last week. “I started making mood boards and I noticed it was basically the same thing over and over again. I started looking at moths [from the McQueen show] and contemplating metamorphosis, since this was a huge transformative experience for me, and the butterfly was so symbolic. The whole butterfly was too [whimsical], so we tore one wing off, and it looked a little subversive – it’s a goth butterfly. I mean it had to be because it was a little bit about the symbology and a lot about the aesthetic.”

Editors snagged a sneak preview of the luscious lacquers during New York Fashion Week where her Mannequin Hands CC Crème was an essential for every nail look that rocked the runway, and will surely become a must-have for many. With Creme’s fresh formulas, she’s sure to create a rainbow of vibrant beauty looks that will fly off the shelves!