Now You Can Workout AND Dress Like Tracy Anderson


Gone are the days of boring, tired workout outfits pulled together with an old t-shirt and plain black leggings. Thanks to influencers like Lululemon, Flywheel, and now Tracy Anderson, our attire for sweat sessions is just as fashionable as our attire for parties!

Thanks to her celebrity clientele (Gwyneth Paltrow and Molly Sims to name a few) and toning workout routine, Anderson has made quite the name for herself in the fitness world. Now she's branching out into leggings, tops and sports bras for a full on lifestyle component to her brand. Though her first design project (for Edition01) featured all black leggings, Anderson found inspiration in workout clothes she wore regularly for her line. What resulted was a collection of very colorful, brightly patterned leggings, which will retail for $60. Her tanks and tops vary in color from hot pink to black to grey and will retail from $11-39.50 while the bras will cost $29.99.

“The leggings are youthful and fun. The leggings are black with bright bubble-gum polka dots on them, and one is a tartan plaid and one’s sparkly,” she said. Her pieces are only going to be available on her website for the time being, but Anderson has big goals. “I’d put them in every Target if it’s going to inspire people to move.” In the future, she's looking to add sweatpants and additional products to the line as well.

That's not all Anderson's working on right now. Apparently there are two fitness TV shows in the works too!