NYC Pizza Party

Nothing — not even walking the city streets in painful new heels — could wipe the smile off of my face as I headed back to the office after a Pizza Making Demonstration and Tasting with Master Pizza Chef and 2010 World Champion Pizza Maker, Theo Kalogeracos. Talk about a perfect lunch break!

Last week, Theo has traveled from Perth, Australia to introduce the United States to his unique pizza creations. Theo prepared five savory varieties: Margarita, Quattro Fromaggio, Greek Lamb, Janes Addiction, and Smashing Pumpkin.

But what meal is complete without dessert? Theo proved he knows how to end the perfect meal, introducing two irresistible dessert pizzas: Mudhoney and Strawberry Fields. (See the delectable pictures above!)

What makes Theo's pizza so unique? All of his delicious dishes were prepared using the Pizza Perfector, a counter-top electric pizza oven. This easy-to-use oven is equipped with a rotating tray, an automatic timer, both upper and lower heating elements, and an instructional DVD. It even has a window at the top of the oven so you can check up on the pizza without releasing heat! The Pizza Perfector and the Theo + Co- The Search for the Perfect Pizza cookbook will be launching this Spring. I'm already drooling thinking about my upcoming pizza parties! Until then, enjoy these simple tips from the Master Pizza Chef himself:

  • Keep the crust light and thin so you can enjoy the ingredients on top.
  • Use low-fat Mozzarella.
  • You don't need a lot of ingredients. But you DO need quality ingredients.

~Annaliese Trigler