#NYFW: Bryon Barnes’ Bright Beauty with IMAN Cosmetics at Mataano Spring 2013

Somali twin designers Ayaan and Idyl Mohallim brightened up Manhattan's Landmark on the Park yesterday with a Mataano Spring 2013 collection for the fashionable femme who craves comfort abroad. Hues inspired by sand and surf turned their chic separates into standout staples, while setting a bold standard for independent fashion shows that run parallel to those at Lincoln Center during New York Fashion Week. Speaking of bold, the Mataano beauty look was as dynamic as the line, catering the fresh face, bright lip, and contoured cheek combo to an array of skin tones, giving each model a signature spring look. Lucky for us, Byron Barnes — makeup master who used Somalian supermodel Iman's namesake beauty line for the show — was on hand to share his insight on creating a look that complemented the line.

How did you go about crafting this beauty look?

First, you have to have the inspiration, and Mataano gave me more than inspiration. Their Spring 2013 was just amazing. The color palette that they showed me, the fabrication — I was inspired. All I saw was warm weather, cool water, and balmy skies. Based on that, I knew that I could go to the IMAN Collection and I could find those color accents for eyes, lips, and cheeks, that would complement their collection.

IMAN Cosmetics has a great color selection, especially for women of color who find it difficult to pinpoint the perfect foundation. What type of base was used in the show today?

We used stick foundations today, which are a light to medium coverage, and it goes from the very, very fairest of complexions to the deepest, darkest, richest tones; 16 foundations in that collection alone. And then, that was paired with translucent powders, because a lot of times, women of color want a light finish. They want a matte finish, but they don't want a grayish tone that translucent powders so often impart… They're translucent in terms of their application and their finish, but they have a bit of tint so that they complement the foundation or the skin tone, so that you don't run the risk of having that grayish, ashy tone.

This makeup look was definitely one that can translate from runway to reality. How can a woman recreate this look?

We used today, IMAN Afterglow, which is a trio of three sheer shades: fuchsia, a gold, and a peach tone. You can use those tones individually or you can do a mix of the colors, any combination thereof. And what I love about Afterglow is that it's mistake-proof. Even if you're a little heavy handed, because they're sheer, you can't really make a mistake with them. They're easy to blend, and you can use them for color accents for eyes and cheeks, which is exactly what we did in the show today.

What was your favorite part about collaborating with Mataano?

They had a clear vision of what they wanted. Especially, I thought what was kind of new and fresh and interesting, is that they wanted a matte lipstick for this collection for spring. And often, spring is very glossy and shiny, and nude on lips. But they wanted an emphatic color that was kind of matte and velvety… Our color choices for IMAN [were] “Fever,” which is kind of a fuchsia for medium to dark complexions, and for lighter to medium complexions, “IMAN Pink.” The “IMAN Pink” is an October release that is a tie-in to breast cancer screening, which is an IMAN program with ICC [International Cancer Council]. Whenever anyone purchases “IMAN Pink,” 20% of that sale goes to the actual breast cancer screening foundation, which is excellent���. it's very wearable, it's very attractive, and it's a good color for a good cause.

As fashion is always ahead of the curve, this beauty look is of course for next spring. How can women be inspired by this and translate it into fall?

For fall, you can just add a lipliner for more intensity, even using the same pinks. You can add a burgundy lip pencil to give the mouth more focus and definition, and also a deeper tone, and fill in with a lighter color. And then, the Afterglow is just an all-season, all the time kind of product that you can use for eyes, lips, and cheeks. And you can use it also in combination with other eye shadows and blushes that you're already using.

What three items from IMAN Cosmetics does every woman need, no matter what skin tone or type?

I would say our jet black pencil, which is an emphatic black. It's not off-black, it's not sometimes black, it's a real, rich black which really contrasts to a wide range of skin tones, even darker skin tones. I love that product. Afterglow, because of its versatility; you get three shades in the compact. You can use it for eyes, lips, and cheeks. And also, our skincare products are absolutely fantastic. We have cleansers and toners and moisturizers that are infused with natural botanicals that really do skin good.

Get a head start on doing your skin good by stocking up on these products from IMAN Cosmetics for Mataano Spring 2013:

Second to None Stick Foundation, $15 at Soap.com | Luxury Translucent Powder, $20 at Drugstore.com | Sheer Finish Bronzing Powder in “Afterglow,” $16 at Ulta.com | IMAN Pink Luxury Lip Stain, $10 at Target.com | Luxury Blushing Powder in “Peace,” $11 at IMANCosmetics.com | Eye-Con Collection, $35 at GNC.com