#NYFW Fall 2012: Get Christian Siriano’s Sleek Bat-Inspired Hairstyle

We spent our Saturday afternoon backstage before Christian Siriano’s Fall 2012 show to find out what Aveda team had up their sleeves before checking out the collection in full. As bats served as Siriano’s inspiration, Aveda Global Director Antoinette Beenders crafted a sleek but easy style that mimicked the structure of the nocturnal creatures.

“He was inspired by a bat so we thought to do something that was complimentary to his look, “ she said. “So we wanted something tight to the body like the body of a bat and then wide like the wingspan.”

She began by combing the hair out straight and then creating a part starting along the temple, around the ear, and back to a point at the nape of the neck on each side. She then French braided those sections to the nape of the neck, securing with elastics, and let the tail go free. From the back of the head, Beenders worked her way up the center part and sides of the models’ hair using the Aveda’s Air Control Hairspray to prep the tresses before flat ironing them for a super sleek look with a bit of gloss. She then combed the hair over the braids, using the brand’s Control Force Hairspray to take care of any flyaways. She secured the hair with two attached metal combs that can easily bend at the ends to secure the locks at the nape of the neck. If you’re in a rush, you can skip the braiding and pull the side sections into a tight ponytail at the nape and finish it normally. It’s an effortlessly chic look everyone will be trying to replicate come fall!