#NYFW: Haus Alkire Fall 2012

Bang, bang. They shot us down. Bang, bang. We hit the ground. Bang, Bang. Haus Alkire shot us down. After this year's Ecco Domani Fashion Foundation award win from Ecco Domani Wines, the brand presented a Fall/Winter collection with gaucho influences, complex combinations, and soundtrack worthy of a Kill Bill run; we were sent down the road to redemption. The duo behind the label, designer Julie Haus and graphic designer Jason Alkire, says they were inspired by Chinese artist Luo Jie, whose work often speaks to internal struggles and the dualities of one's mental state. With the added influence of Italian film, The Belle Starr, the team bred an outlawed heroine who battled with the light and dark side of her psyche — all while impeccably dressed. In their quest to represent a woman's dual nature, Haus Alkire experimented with silk, wool, cashmere, lambskin, and dip-dyed fur. Their presentation included a mix of fully functional attire: wider than wide cream wool trousers, a blood red-orange foliage print silk dress, and amazing leather pleated top that from afar, looked like fringe.