#NYFW Motorcycle Lessons with Sachin + Babi

Babi Ahluwalia and Sachin Ahluwalia took a cue from the gritty cool vibe of motorcyclists for their Fall 2011 collection. We met up with the husband and wife duo during their presentation, wishing the couple a happy Valentine’s Day!

Firstly, happy Valentine’s day!
Sachin: Thank you! That’s actually the first time we’ve heard that today.
Babi: Yes, it’s been such a busy morning, no time!
Sachin: With so much going on today, I gave Babi tulips last night.

Are tulips your favorite flower?
Babi: Actually, no. [laughs] But we’ve been working for so long, I’ll take anything!

What were some techniques you wanted to focus on?
As always, we loved playing with fabrics, especially thicker knits and lightweight jerseys. We always try to have a designer aesthetic but at a contemporary price point. These are things that we love to wear ourselves.

And you were influenced by motorcycles this season?
Sachin: Yes, there are definitely influences from vintage motorcycles and Harley Davidsons. I got really into it this summer. I had never ridden one before, but I started looking at all these vintage bikes and realized how cool they are.

Babi, what are your thoughts on motorcycles?
Babi: It added a coolness to our collection this season, so I do like it. But riding isn’t for me.
Sachin: She can ride with me as I drive. I’m getting a bike of my own on April 2nd, so we’ll see how I do!