Obsessed With Nail Art? Try Ciate!


LET'S GET ONE THING OUT OF THE WAY – nail art is not a trend. It’s been documented throughout history. The Incas reportedly adorned their fingertips with pictures of eagles. In the 1920’s, the “moon manicure” became popular amongst flappers. And throughout the seventies, eighties and nineties women around the way were getting their nails painted with flowers and other fly designs long before the media deemed nail artpart of the modern mainstream. But with mainstream recognition has come new innovations in nail art. No longer do you have to go to a nail art supply store to find stick on gems, glitter or foils. Now you can find those items at popular beauty stores everywhere! And there are a few brands that are bringing the nail art necessities straight to your home. One of our favorites is Ciate, the London based brand known for their amazing white chocolate nail polish remover and cutting edge nail innovation kits. They’re all available at Sephora. Our latest fascination is with the Very ColourfoilManicure Set which allows you to create a raw foiled, high shine look at home for just $19.

Visit Ciate.co.uk or follow them on Twitter @CiateNails to see their latest innovations in nail art.

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